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    December 06, 2008

    LGBT equality doesn't cost anything

    Posted by: Andoni

    MoneyCongress and the Federal Reserve are currently spending tons of money that will burden future generations with tens of thousands of dollars of debt for each man, woman and child.

    Wall street firms, banks, insurance companies, cities, states, and automobile makers are all lining up to ask Congress for money -- trillions and trillions of dollars.

    Gay and lesbian folks want something from Congress, too. We want equal rights and in particular would like implementation of the Obama-Biden Plan for the LGBT community. The difference is that our request doesn't require money from Congress. We don't want to raid the Treasury and we won't subject future generations to debt.

    We simply want equal rights. They cost nothing --- except the will to grant them.

    The rights I'm speaking of (from the Obama-Biden Plan) include hate crime and employment non-discrimination legislation, federal recognition of our relationships, opposition to a federal marriage amendment, repeal of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell," and expanding adoption rights.

    We should each write our Senators and Congresspeople telling them that the cost of all they are doing now is trillions of dollars, however the cost of granting equality for gays is zero. All it costs is the will to do the right thing. Then ask them to do the right thing -- spelling out exactly what you want.

    I guess you could add that although the monetary cost of passing equality for gays is zero, the value would be "priceless."



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    1. JeffO on Dec 6, 2008 6:27:30 PM:

      I wouldn't say the cost of gay rights is absolutely zero. Allowing gays to inherit social security benefits from a spouse might lose money for the government. Also, filing joint income taxes may decrease the government take in taxes, but then again the "marriage penalty" might gain them extra money. Certainly allowing gay couples to help take care of each other and be responsible for each other should save the government money in the long run. Mayby a few less people would end up on welfare and medicaid.

      I don't know of any studies that analyzes all this. But I get your point: in comparison to the trillions and trillions the government is spending and will spend to get us out of our economic mess, the cost of granting gay rights is a pittance. By government spending standards, I guess you can say it has practically no monetary cost.

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