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    December 14, 2008

    Principals (sic) of Journalism (sic)

    Posted by: Chris

    You may remember a couple of my posts from the primary and general election about the curious journalistic tendencies of the Philadelphia Gay News and its owner-publisher Mark Segal.

    Marksegal Well, it came to my attention today that Mark has taken his shots at me as well, if stealthily so. His criticisms came in a comment in response to a post on Queerty about Donald Hitchcock's suit against Howard Dean and the Democratic National Committee. (It will be very interesting to see what comes of that litigation once Barack Obama's people are in full swing at the DNC.)

    As the unnamed Blade editor that Mark so roundly condemns, I can't resist responding. Mark is understandably thin-skinned about how the trained journalists who report and edit the news at the Blade have for years separated news from opinion and observed the separation of editorial and sales.

    As Mark will remind you within the first five seconds of practically every conversation, he is both PGN publisher and editorial czar, and as such he regularly runs roughshod over "high principals of Journalism" (otherwise known as "high principles of journalism") by using the paper to pursue his own personal agenda, politically and financially.

    Regardless, since Mark was so thankful the Blade had a new editor, I'll note in response the glaring factual error and 15+ grammatical/spelling/usage errors in his comment:

    It is very conceivable that the democratic [sic] Party or any other person [sic] who appreciates fair and unbiased journalism would at that point not appreciate The D.C. Blade [sic]. The Blade at that point to my understanding was more like the National enquirer [sic] or the Globe then [sic] a publication that upheld the high principals [sic] of Journalism [sic and ironic!]. Gee, wasn't this the paper that put a male hooker on it's [sic]  cover as a columnist [wrong!]? and [sic] that editor claimed he knows journalism. [sic] Thank the leaders of windows [sic] Media for replacing him, or was it a resignation? Anyway at that time, i'd [sic]  line my birdcage with the blade [sic]….. I't [sic] is beneficial to the entire LGBT community that it is getting back on it's [sic] feet, and it's [sic] long nightmare of bad editors is hopefully behind it.

    Remind me again who needs a better editor?

    (Photo of Mark Segal via PGN)



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    1. NoMoPGN on Dec 16, 2008 12:01:16 AM:

      Good lord. I always thought poor PGN had no editor because Mark controlled everything. Now it's clear at least that there's a copy editor hard at work on his column! LOL

      Not that it matters. We look to the Inquirer or Daily News for gay coverage anyway.

    1. hawaii helicopter tours on Dec 14, 2011 8:42:10 AM:

      At least i learned a lot from him. So glad to found this blog.

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