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    December 19, 2008

    Newsweek.com debate over Rick Warren

    Posted by: Chris

    A quick heads up that I'm wrapping up an e-mail debate with Leah McElrath Renna, author of the Huffington Post piece slamming Barack Obama's choice of Rick Warren to give the inaugural invocation -- a piece that I then slammed in my first post on the subject. It's been a fun and interesting exchange, and I'll post a link to it when it goes live on Newsweek.com.

    I'll also repeat here what I've said to Leah privately by email:  I cringed a bit yesterday when I read that first post.  Ahh, the joys and perils of late-night blogging. I'm especially red-faced that I actually called her "honey."  I was intending the tone of voice we gay guys regularly use toward one another. But the reader can't know that, and the word obviously has a sexist history in male-female discourse, which is why I regret using it.



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    1. Kevin on Dec 19, 2008 1:56:19 PM:

      You un-PC monster.

    1. Chuck on Dec 19, 2008 2:05:55 PM:

      Chris, I was just reading your latest post with bemusement.

      Isn't it interesting how words take on a life and a power all their own after a period of time and usage...and bastardization.

      Of course, we all know that we humans imbue certain words with power never intended to be given to them. "Honey" is one of those words. Originally intended as a form of endearment and intimacy, it has fallen into ill-repute and is now considered a sexist comment. How sad.

      Another word also comes to mind that has gained such a notorious reputation, that it is bleepd on the radio and TV and treated like the "N" word. And that word is the "F" word which is commonly typed as f--k, and variations on a theme.

      I believe it was George Carlin, in his hilarious satire on "The seven bad words you can't say on TV", and I merely quote here, "Shit, fuck, tits, balls, motherfucker, cunt, cocksucker" who clued us in on the original meaning of the word fuck.

      God, it feels so liberating to rattle those seven words off staccato. lol Anyway, it seems that the word fuck, taken from the Olde English, was originally meant to give someone a love tap against the arm or shoulder or a friendly slap on the back, nothing more.

      Somehow, down through the ages, the word became so badly maligned and abused, that today, it covers a multitude of sins and we wouldn't say it in polite company, even if we had a mouthful of it. ;-)

      Also sad. Fuck is such a sweet little word. I wish that more people would do it to me. ;-)

    1. Josh on Dec 19, 2008 2:42:00 PM:

      I posted this in another thread but I decided to post it here too...

      What about Rick Warren's comments while he was in Uganda, a nation that criminalizes homosexuality...

      "Dr Warren said that homosexuality is not a natural way of life and thus not a human right. "We shall not tolerate this aspect at all," Dr Warren said."


      Also his Church only allows gays who have repented of and stopped engaging in their homosexual lifestyle.

      His church has run "ex-gay" programs in the past and the only gays they want at his church are the "ex-gay" ones.

    1. cheap GHD straightners on Nov 17, 2011 3:30:19 AM:

      Or so the story's told.

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