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    January 22, 2009

    The ad that KABC refused to air

    Posted by: Chris

    The Los Angeles TV affiliate KABC refused to air an advertisement about gay families by a group called GetToKnowUsFirst.org during the inauguration. The spot was intended as a general response to passage of Proposition 8 and aired in 42 of the California's 58 counties -- everywhere the initiative passed by 50% or more -- during Tuesday's coverage of the Presidential Inauguration.

    KABC is the only station that refused to sell the ad space, saying "it was too controversial to air during the Inauguration, since 'many families will be watching,'" according to the group's ad agency, which tried to place the ad. The rejected spot profiles two African American men raising five children ages 6 through 25. Ironically, the family lives in Los Angeles.

    KABC's decision is particularly remarkable because the ad itself is very wholesome:

    It's also exactly the type of advertisement that the No on 8 campaign was missing, making the gay issue plain and the desire for marriage equality one in which more people could relate.

    For those wishing to register with KABC their opinion over the refusal, here's the contact info:

    ABC7 Broadcast Center
    500 Circle Seven Drive
    Glendale, CA 91201
    (818) 863-7777
    Send email from here.


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    1. PenderPender on Jan 22, 2009 3:56:04 PM:

      More useful than tilting against the windmills at ABC is donating to help put these ads back on the air. We can't wait until the week before a big election to change minds: whether you're willing to pitch in now, after the pre-election fervor has died down, is the real acid test of whether you're serious about gay rights.


      Donations are tax deductible. I just gave $500.

    1. allfreeads on Nov 12, 2009 6:07:09 PM:

      thanks this is interresting

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