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    March 15, 2009

    Prohibition and gay rights

    Posted by: Andoni

    AAA prohibition

    History repeats itself. That is the theme in Frank Rich's wonderful Op Ed The Culture Warriors Get Laid Off in today's New York Times.

    According to Rich, we are entering a new period where the public has again tired of the anti-science, let me impose my values on you crowd. After the major economic downturn we have experienced over the past year, the culture wars are a luxury we can no longer afford. The same sort of cultural reversal happened in 1933 during The Great Depression.

    In the period leading up to the Depression fundamentalists pushed for Prohibition and anti-evolution legislation - succeeding on both counts. The Depression ended all that nonsense. In the period leading up to today's great recession, the fundamentalists peddled an anti-gay, anti-stem cell research agenda and also succeeded broadly.

    Now history is repeating itself. Anti-stem cell research was reversed last week by President Obama with only a whimper from the religious right and public opinion is showing majority support on most of the crucial gay rights issues - employment, the military, and our relationships.

    We need to take advantage of this moment in history. FDR demonstrated that a president can lead a nation to reform on cultural issues when the country's mood changes. Obama should follow that example. As the saying goes - it is his moment, it is his time.


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    1. Billy Glover on Mar 17, 2009 7:48:59 AM:

      Good thought, but what Harry Hay and others worried about is, in hard times people often, bigots mainly, try to find scapegoats, and it will really be a good sign of progress if your thinking is right and there is no anti-gay hate coming out of this economicdownturn.

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      "History repeats itself" no doubt in that.Support on most of the crucial gay rights is not good i guess.There should be no reservation for gays from my point of view.

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    1. Renova on Sep 28, 2011 7:35:48 AM:

      History has repeated itself :)

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