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    June 02, 2009

    UAFA hearings tomorrow, Wed, June 3

    Posted by: Andoni

    I said I would interrupt my Greek island hopping break when some important news comes along and this is important news. Senator Patrick Leahy will conduct the first ever hearing on the Uniting American Families Act this Wednesday June 3 at 10 am.

    The Washington Blade will have a reporter there twittering during the hearing, so you can sign up to receive those. Or if you have more time, you can watch a webcast of the Senate hearing here. Either way, this is history in the making.

    I will be trying to tune in to the webcast from the Greek island of Symi, just a few miles off the Turkish coast.

    As background, here is the news release from Immigration Equality.

    The goal is to pass UAFA (the Uniting American Families Act -HR 1024/S 424) either on its own or as part of the Comprehensive Immigration Reform (CIR) bill. President Obama and some Congressional leaders would like it as part of the CIR. Either way, it would be nice to get some equality for gay and lesbian families where one partner is US born and the other is foreign born.



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    1. Lee on Jun 3, 2009 9:05:19 AM:

      The UAFA needs to pass!
      United by Love- Divided by Law...

    1. cheap ugg boots on Nov 21, 2010 10:14:40 PM:

      Very smart suggestion.

      Now, is the President sufficiently committed to repealing DADT to think along these lines? Considering his current record on LGBT issues, I doubt it.

    1. cheap ugg boots on Nov 29, 2010 6:00:13 AM:

      It's really sad just how many people view religious freedom as the ability to mistreat people they don't like.

    1. cheap ugg boots on Nov 29, 2010 6:33:12 AM:

      Not that I think it's okay, but the difference here is that Cheney never has to run for political office again. Obama does if he wants a second term.

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