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    February 19, 2010

    Bruce, you're confusing me, too

    Posted by: Chris

    UPDATE: At the end of the post.

    Cpac 2010 gay rights dont ask dont tell
    Over at Gay Patriot, my friend Dan (a.k.a. Gay Patriot West) writes that he's confused by the reaction that Bruce Carroll is receiving as that blog's representative at the CPAC conference here in D.C. this weekend:

    So, you’re at a gathering of conservatives . . . and . .

    Folks couldn’t be nice to a guy bearing a badge identifying himself as a gay blogger?!?!?

    They give a standing ovation to a man who opposes the Federal Marriage Amendment and favors repeal of Don’t Talk/Don’t Tell?!?!?

    How could that be!?!?!?

    I thought our critics told us conservatives don’t like homosexuals and that preventing any forward motion on gay issues was anathema to their agenda, such that they’d blackball anyone who paid so much as lip service to such issues.

    I share Dan's confusion but for different reasons. Surely Bruce has spent enough time around Washington to know that polite smiles and applause mean nothing if they're not followed up with votes and co-sponsorship and party planks, etc.

    I'm always happy when my gay conservative and Republican friends join me in calling out Democrats and progressives who only give our cause lip service, and nothing more. So why are they so excited when on rare occasions they are get that same lip service, and nothing more? 

    It's unquestionably a good thing anytime the presence of out gay bloggers is greeted by conservative smiles and a call for equality receives a CPAC standing ovation. But we are long, long past the day when anything short of co-sponsorship and votes in support of DOMA/DADT repeal were cause for self-congratulation.

    UPDATE: It wasn't even lip service to opposition to a marriage amendment and repeal of DADT that got a standing ovation. It was Dick Cheney, who (sort of) holds those positions but said nothing about them at CPAC. He only walked in after his daughter Liz finished speaking and made a few off-the-cuff remarks.

    Gentlemen... please... we can hold the bar higher than this, can't we?



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    1. cheap ugg boots on Nov 22, 2010 2:36:11 AM:

      It is one thing to try to give balance, and look for unintended consequences, but you are right, the New York Times seems to be trying to push an agenda against the change. That is not balanced journalism.

    1. cheap uggs on Nov 29, 2010 12:56:52 AM:

      The real problem here is believing all of the hype associated with ENDA. As someone who has lived and worked in a country with employment discrimination legislation (Canada), I can tell you right now that it's not all that its cracked up to be. If some one wants to fire you (for whatever reason), they will find a way to fire you. And since trans firings would be the most blatant form of workplace discrimination, I say keep the LGBT coalition intact.

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