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    February 04, 2010

    The Party of No is closed for business

    Posted by: Chris

    Orrin hatch dont ask dont tell reversal gays in the military
    In a historic question-and-answer session with House Republicans last week, President Obama chided his audience for painting themselves into a political corner by so demonizing the change agenda of the White House and Democrats that they had no wiggle room to compromise on issues where the two parties share common ground.

    You can already see that dynamic at work in the newly resurgent debate over Don't Ask Don't Tell. With all the cover being offered on the issue by a Defense secretary and Joint Chiefs chairman first appointed George W. Bush, you would think that at least some moderate Republicans would position themselves as open-minded on the issue.

    But instead, we were treated to pathetic displays of fear-mongering by senators with Southern accents, principally Saxby Chambliss of Georgia, Roger Wicker of MIssissippi and Jeff Sessions of Alabama. As someone who has lived in or near those three states for much of my life, let me tell you that their representatives in government ought to show greater self-restraint before once again staining their history by taking the wrong side on yet another civil rights battle.

    They're not the only ones. Gay Republicans are trying to muster some excitement about open-minded members of their own party by pointing to Orrin Hatch, the venerable Mormon from Utah, who according to D.C. Big Pappa, a black gay Republican blogger (yes Virginia, there is a black gay Republican) said, "he’s open to repealing DADT, a key signal that the repeal might get true bipartisan support."

    Except that it took less than one 24-hour-news-cycle for Hatch to walk back that open-mindendess, blasting "left-leaning media" for "misconstruing" his comments."I certainly do not support repealing this policy," Hatch said in a statementthat slammed "activists" for "misconstruing my position."

    You can forgive "left-leaning" types like LaSalvia, and yes I'm being sarcastic, for their misconstruction. Here was the exchange between Mitchell and Hatch:

    "I can put you down as being open to it?" Mitchell asked.

    "I am," Hatch replied.

    Should we now look forward to D.C. Big Pappa's next post, blasting left-leaning blogs and activists for misconstruing his first post for suggesting anything other than Hatch's principled opposition to repealing this important national security policy?



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    1. cheap ugg boots on Nov 22, 2010 3:27:55 AM:

      Chris, housing for couples is a big deal inside the military and extending them could create friction if it isn't handled well. (There is a great fear of fraud, that is not unfounded, if I recall correct, as well as some of the typical fears). Health benefits could be considered a big deal for civilian partners, because they are so generous; and a big deal inside the military, because the current system is under capacity strain. Survivor benefits cannot be easily overlooked. There are a lot of other benefits, like detachment pay, etc.

    1. cheap ugg boots on Nov 22, 2010 3:36:11 AM:

      As advocates, I can't conscience leaving anything to the Pentagon study - since when do we turn over our lives for others to define. If there is a range of benefits that are doable, it should be advanced. Otherwise, when the policy is "announced", it's going to come off like a sad day, rahter than a glad day.

    1. cheap uggs on Nov 29, 2010 2:26:41 AM:

      I also suspect it would be better to lead with a proposal than wait for the issue to come.

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