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    February 24, 2010

    The would-be basher beats his bashee

    Posted by: Chris

    Angelica lesbian bbb10 big brother brasil
    If you took the time yesterday to go to the Big Brother Brasil website to vote to eliminate Marcelo Dourado, the homophobic contestant who once threatened to beat a female contestant because she's a lesbian, then thanks. It turns out that last nights "paredão" -- elimination showdown -- pit Dourado against Angélica, that same lesbian, and Dicesar, one of two openly gay male participants, who also does drag.

    Bbb10 paredao dourado angelica dicesar Despite an online campaign among gay folks and their friends, and despite his neanderthal machismo, Dourado survived elimination, receiving 38% votes, behind Angélica's 55%. Only 7% of voters wanted popular Dicesar to leave.

    My co-blogger Kevin, who first alerted us to Dourado's offensive conduct, characteristically pulled no punches himself in response:

    Thanks for your support everyone, but Globo just announced that Dourado will remain on the show, and the lesbian he said he'd love to beat until she was sent to the hospital was eliminated. Globo said it was a total of 77 million votes (a new record), and Angelica received 55%, vs 38% for the homophobe Dourado (and 7%... for the drag queen, Dicesar).

    If you believe  that was really the votes (Globo doesn't submit to outside verification, to my knowledge) I have a bldg to sell you in the Cracolandia section of Sao Paulo. But if it was the real voting, why watch this vile show any longer? I won't be watching.

    Marcelo dourado gay sergio
    "I just lost my appetite," said mixed martial artist Marcelo Dourado, after hearing a gay contestant on "Big Brother Brasil" talking with a friend about going to The Week, a popular São Paulo gay club.



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    1. Kevin on Feb 24, 2010 12:48:26 PM:

      Curious too that the big closet case (who many folks on the outside know for a fact is gay) -- Cadu -- leapt into Dourado's arms when he was not eliminated.

      The show so turns my stomach now, after being such a fan, that I can't bear to watch it anymore. Every episode leading to this moment was uglier and uglier, the fighting between the rival camps so bitter (and for Brazil, this is uncharacteristically bitter stuff going on in that house), that there really isn't anything redeeming left about it. It's just vile ignorance being beamed into people's homes, drenched in choking amounts of corporate promotion and product placements along side it. It's sad that Brazil is advanced enough for such a thing to happen on a national scale as this show, but still so primitive that the kind of sickening, belching, farting, ignorant and violent machismo of the kind Dourado represents (which we haven't seen on such display in North America for decades) is still so eagerly celebrated, defended and cheered there.

    1. Lucrece on Feb 24, 2010 4:48:06 PM:

      It's not just Brazil, Kevin. Many other countries in South America share that blight, my Venezuela included.

      It's just that people get fooled that just because you get a bigass parade in Rio that is a cash cow for a mostly straight industry the country doesn't have terrible issues with machismo and homophobia.

      Gay visibility does not always equal increased acceptance. In fact, we usually see the darkest periods when we finally become visible and face backlash for upsetting the current order.

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