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    February 11, 2010

    Will Snowpacalypse be Fenty's Katrina?

    Posted by: Chris

    Adrian fenty washington dc snowpacalypse katrina chris matthews hardball
    Chris Matthews goes all Hardball on D.C. Mayor Adrian Fenty for the slow pace of plowing in response to the first wave of Snowpacalypse 2010. Paraphrasing JFK's famous witticism that Washington combines the charm of the North with the efficiency of the South, Matthews quipped, "We have the weather of Buffalo and the snowplowing capability of Miami." Boom!

    Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

    My friend Jonathan Capehard says, "Amen brother!" WaPo's Jo-Ann Armao has the mayor's back, claiming Matthews is even more unpopular than the mayor. I guess I missed the memo; I'm a fan of Matthews and always thought Fenty was full of promise (and certainly better than several of his mayoral predecessors).

    I spent most of the Snowmageddon Part 1 in the District and thought the plows responded pretty quickly, at least well enough for me to make my way back across the river over the weekend. D.C. folk don't know how good they've got it; Rosslyn looked completely unplowed from Round 1 as late as Tuesday night



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    1. cheap ugg boots on Nov 22, 2010 2:52:25 AM:

      Just so you know classy brutes are not exclusive to the US.

    1. cheap uggs on Nov 29, 2010 2:15:58 AM:

      I agree with you! It is very frustrating to see how the dems are running around without any guts to get things done. They are just too out of touch with the people and too comfortable with the thought that they might retain power in Washington. Like you, my partner and I are also trying to work through the flawed US immigration system keeping our fingers crossed for UAFA and CIR.

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