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    February 22, 2010

    With enemies like these...

    Posted by: Chris

    Ryan sorba anti gay young conservatives of california
    ... we may not need to ask too much from our friends!

    Ryan Sorba, the conservative hothead who took to the stage to "condemn" CPAC for accepting the participation of the gay Republican group GOProud, is continuing his Dale Carnegie ways, making enemies and influencing people -- to walk the other way:

    Following his outburst, Sorba was approached by gay American University student Alex Knepper, who was attending the CPAC convention.

    "So, you’re the infamous Ryan Sorba," Knepper relates saying to the young activist in a Feb. 20 article at Race42012.com. " ’You’ve made quite a name for yourself.’ "

    Knepper reports that Sorba asked, "So what did you think of my little tirade, then?"

    "Oh, I thought it was quite evil, actually. I’m gay," responded Knepper.

    "You mean you think you’re gay," Sorba told him.

    "No, I’m gay," Knepper rejoined. "Do you think it’s a choice?"

    "I think it’s the result of a complex process of social and environmental factors, but that it’s reversible," replied Sorba.

    The two then began to argue over animals exhibiting homosexual conduct in the wild, with Sorba then claiming that Knepper had "a lisp." Knepper, who denies having a lisp, fired back, "Rudy Giuliani has a lisp--is he gay?"

    At that point, Knepper reports, Sorba "went off on what he affectionately called ’his tirade’--giving the same mangled pseudo-Aristotelian spiel about how natural rights have to be grounded in natural law, meaning substance, and the final result of the reproductive organ must be a reproductive act, and all of that.

    " ’Yeah, yeah, I get your argument, I understand it,’ I tried to interrupt, But he said that I didn’t, and he finished.

    " ’But the vast majority of married couples partake in sodomy--oral sex, anal sex, fetishes," Knepper told Sorba. "Hasn’t your girlfriend ever given you a blowjob? I think the government should just get out of the whole marriage business!" Knepper went on to add, "I’m the one who says that my values shouldn’t have anything to do with government. It’s you who wants to impose his own biases upon the rest of the world!"

    Sorba responded that "conservatives should not be upholding groups who support homosexual marriage and sodomy," and the discussion got more heated from there, with Sorba saying "something about how he could ’take me on’ physically if he needed to, to which I mentioned that his quick resort to force and threats said a lot about his political philosophy."

    After offering to shake Knepper’s hand--and being snubbed--Sorba began to walk away. Knepper reports that someone walking with Sorba said to him, "Really, though, he had a point: why do you care about this so much when the economy is in shambles and the debt is growing and spending is out of control?"

    "Because it corrupts the youth and the culture," came Sorba’s answer. Sorba then took out a camera and began to take video of Knepper, who struck a post and then said, "OK...Well, I’d like to say, then, that the person behind the camera is a Hitler Youth waiting for a fuhrer [sic] to sweep him off his feet into a grand national project so he can sacrifice individuals like stock-fodder to his own biases."

    At that point, writes Knepper, Sorba "turned off the camera and approached me. I told him he should get his girlfriend to give him a blowjob so that he could experience the joys of sodomy. He put two of his fingers an inch from my face and said that he’d want to fight me if a girl wasn’t around. ’Ah, the use of force!’ I said again."

    Then there's this extremist presentation by Sorba to college students in Massachusetts, in which he explores in great detail the sexual proclivities of gay men that he thinks are challenging the future of civilization:

    Thanks to Jeremy Hooper at GoodAsYou for the background goods on Sorba.

    I very rarely speculate on the sexual orientation of folks based upon their anti-gay views, but this guy's obsession really does beg the question: How long until the inevitable scandal involving a profile on a gay hookup site or being spotted in a gay bar?



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    1. Joe on Feb 23, 2010 1:12:45 PM:

      Here is my reply to Ryan Sorba:


    1. Phil Attey on Feb 23, 2010 2:07:03 PM:


      Ryan is a sad sight.

      I can't help look at him without feeling utter pity. He's angry at the world because he's angry at himself. The pain of the closet is so clear in his voice and his tremble and his rage, that it's all consuming.

      I can't tell you the number of college flashbacks I get watching Ryan talk. His look, his voice, his energy. He's so much like the guys I used to have sex with back at the University of Florida -- most of whom, like me were Republicans and in fraternities.

      When I walked into my first IFC meeting after being elected President of my fraternity, it was like Romper Room with the magic mirror ... "I see Billy. I see Bobby ... I see Mike ... Oh there's, John"

      Most of them now have grown up, come out of the closet, changed parties, and become great voices for equality.

      Sadly Ryan isn't yet one of us.

      Yours in the united stand for equality,

      + Phil

    1. Billy Glover on Feb 24, 2010 12:03:38 PM:

      I do think it is legitimate to ask the motive of such people. And as a recent columb by I think Eugene Robinson said, there is apoint at which you can't deal with people who deny facts-in his case he had honored a black soldier, I think in WWI, who had been brave and some nut said it was impossible as blacks didn't serve in regualr palces until Truman in 1948, etc when the fact is tat the man honored did do what he was creditied with.

      And this is the same-a true conserative should not want the government in our private lives-they sure keep saying the government messes up everything it gets into-not sure how they are dealing with Toyota, who tried to keep from doing what the government asked them to, but they sure keep saying the government should keep its socialist hands off their Medicare-how do you deal with such people? You can only hope that the majority of Americans see their ignorance and bigotry.

    1. cheap ugg boots on Nov 22, 2010 2:03:08 AM:

      Here is my reply to Ryan Sorba:

    1. ugg boots on Nov 29, 2010 12:42:43 AM:

      I can't tell you the number of college flashbacks I get watching Ryan talk. His look, his voice, his energy. He's so much like the guys I used to have sex with back at the University of Florida -- most of whom, like me were Republicans and in fraternities.

    1. cheap uggs on Nov 29, 2010 12:48:03 AM:

      The conversation is with the usage of the slur. Obviously, most straight men still don't understand what impact the word has across gay men. Meeting with a student group would help him understand where the reaction is coming from, and how he can help in reducing the usage of this slur. What's an apology worth if he's only apologizing to save his job? He'll just be more discrete with prejudice and make sure no one is watching.

      Historically out of line? How about this; both words boil down to a disdainful pejorative that was applied to someone deemed different in order to classify them and indirectly express cultural distaste for them. That "faggot" took on a more universal usage in insulting than "nigger" (because anyone could be a faggot, but not everyone a nigger) is irrelevant; the history of the word and it's inclusion in American conversation stands.

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