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    March 11, 2010

    A new twist on 'blame the homo'

    Posted by: Chris

    Souleymane_ndene_ndiaye prime minister homosexuality anti gay Give Senegal's Prime Minister Souleymane Ndiaye some credit. The usual pattern we see in "blame the homo" is to explain some natural disasters or social decline -- or the threatened destruction of human civilization -- by pointing the finger at the gays.

    Ndiaye turned that little tradition on its head, explaining that the worldwide financial crisis of recent years is to blame for the gays:

    Ndiaye last year called homosexuality "a sign of a crisis of values." He said it was due to the world's economic problems, and that government ministries as well as society as a whole should fight against homosexuality.

    So according to the gaynesian economic theories of the prime minister, expect homosexuality, like unemployment figures, to be a trailing indicator of the budding economic recovery.

    One final bit of irony, since practiced readers in anti-gay politicians are already expecting it: Yes, there's some tricky hypocrisy at work here. No word whether Ndiaye himself is a closet case, but the man who calls homosexuality a "crisis of values" is defending his government's attempt to bribe an IMF official and blackmail an international cellular phone company to the tune of US$200 million.



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    1. dawn keeler on Mar 23, 2010 10:16:22 AM:

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