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    March 04, 2010

    The damage done by DADT

    Posted by: Chris

    Mike almy dont ask dont tell iraq air force major gay
    My friend Mike Almy did a fantastic job on Rachel Maddow's show tonight, putting the lie to claims by John McCain and Joe ("You Lie!") Wilson that Don't Ask Don't Tell is working. Mike was discharged as a major in the Air Force in the midst of a deployment in Iraq during the height of the insurgency and replaced by a junior officer ill-prepared for the command thrust upon him.

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    The victim of DADT wasn't just Mike, and his 18-year-career, but the cohesion of his unit, the troops under his command, and their mission at a critical time during war. Mike's story turns on its head the claim that now is not the time to repeal DADT "in the midst of two wars," though one of those is drawing to a close. The disruption comes from the continued existence and enforcement of the policy, not from its repeal.



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    1. cheap ugg boots on Nov 22, 2010 4:01:22 AM:

      It's a good question. I don't see how the U.S. Supreme Court overrules the D.C. Court of Appeals, the "state supreme court" of D.C., on a question of D.C. law, unless there is a federal issue involved. But given the unique (not in a good way) status of the District of Columbia in the U.S. legal system, it is possible.

    1. cheap ugg boots on Nov 28, 2010 11:20:36 PM:

      but i maintain my position that, yes, through the courts, doma can be repealed. you should check the glad.com website and read their briefs on it (the case is called gill). i hope you'll come to a different conclusion than the one you laid out. their arguments are much thorougher than any i could try and make in the limited space here.

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